Upcoming Regional Events


Look for A Collection Event in Knoxville on January 31 and February 1, 2014 at the Healthy Living Expo at the Knoxville Convention Center.


Medication Collection Event Locations


Find an event near you in 2014.


Medication Collection Events are for Residents Only.

We cannot accept from medical organizations or businesses.



Anderson County




Contact: Stephanie Strutner

Email: ASAPofAnderson@gmail.com

Phone: 865-457-3007

Web: www.ASAPofAnderson.org

Blount County


Contact: Joni Seratt

Email: jacrisp@bellsouth.net

Phone: 865-977-7190

Web: www.bcso.com

Knox County / City of Knoxville

Locations:  Healthy Living Expo at the Knoxville Convention Center.                                                                                     

Date: January 31 and February 1, 2014 


Time: 9 am to 3 pm.

The State Department of Environment and Conservation will be giving out free Radon Detection kits at this event.

Contact:  Zack Johnson or John Homa

Email: Zachary.johnson@knoxcounty.org or jhoma@cityofknoxville.org

Phone: 865-215-5871 or 865-215-2872

Web: http://cityofknoxville.org/solidwaste/meds.asp


Roane County


Contact: Sarah Stevenson

Email: stevenson@roaneantidrug.org

Phone: 865-224-0205

Web: www.roaneantidrug.org

Scott County


Contact: Trent Coffey

Email: stand@highland.net

Phone: 423-286-9925

Web: www.standprogram.org